Replacing the bootable SD card on a Cubietruck (and perhaps other ARM Linux boxes)

Replacing the bootable SD card on a Cubietruck (and perhaps other ARM Linux boxes)

Once upon a time, a good friend of mine (Hi, Kevin!) bestowed upon me the gift of a Cubietruck/Cubieboard3. That device has been in faithful service at my house ever since. I've experimented with different services on it, used it as a second workstation, and most recently it has been pressed into service as the box from which music goes to the stereo.

Why is there a shortage of DevOps People?

Ever since I updated my LinkedIn profile to include the term DevOps, I have been receiving a very steady flow of contact requests from recruiters as well as accompanying job offers. It seems like everybody is looking to hire DevOps people. Sadly, it does not seem that there are a lot of people to fill those jobs.

The obvious reasons for that shortage might simply be that these jobs are looking for pretty new technologies and skills. Some of these are around continuous integration and deployment, various noSQL databases, and cloud environments.

Why DevOps is all about the Tools

Why DevOps is all about the Tools

After reading The Most Important SaaS Metric Nobody Talks About: Time-to-Value (‘TtV’) I've been thinking about this idea of TtV some more.

The more I contemplate the ideas in that post, the more it seems that it's very much in line with the driving ideas of DevOps. Continuous deployments and frequent (ideally automated) releases are all about accelerating or shortening the Time to Value. After all the code that's not deployed doesn't generate value.

operations teams and people have to change

I've worked in operations for a long time. I've enjoyed working with very smart and technically gifted individuals. They have largely been Engineers of systems, networks, and databases. They dive deep on their specific knowledge domains and perform magic. Engineers are accustomed to clear rules and constraints. One of those constraints generally is placed around the knowledge domain which all to often manifests as an operational silo. I dislike silos and always become a bit disappointed when I hear Operations people use phrases such as

a REST web api shootout in 5 different languages

I've been considering starting a new project. Part of this will require a microservice REST API. I tend to be pretty language agnostic and tend to favor using the best tool for the job. That got me thinking that I should evaluate different ways of getting it done. To this end I put together a simple test to evaluate several languages for programming ease and performance. There is a lot of passion around many languages but I figured why not take a data driven approach when picking my implementation path.

DevOps. What's in a name?

There is so much hype around DevOps. Personally, I've been doing it for a long time without knowing it. Then there was a name for it and I was pleased. I could now articulate what I do a little more crisply than "I build platforms and keep servers happy and write code and try to automate as much of my job away as possible". It's a safe way to kill a dinner party. Then again DevOps doesn't play that well in many crowds either, but I can quickly see disinterest rather than rambling on.


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