pushme - a simple script to push a notification to the phone

pushme - a simple script to push a notification to the phone

There are many times when I end up waiting for a computer. Whether it's a long running rsync or some other command that takes time to finish, I just don't like endless checking on a process. That sort of "screen polling" isn't really time well spent and just increasing that polling interval also doesn't appeal.

In the past I've often just resorted to sending myself and email from the command line and I've even sent it to my phone via the email to SMS service most providers offer.

curl not saving URL with Content-Length: 0

I have some code which pulls a URL and saves it to a file via the -o option. The next step in the pipe was failing claiming that the file did not exist.

I was able to download the file just fine via the browser although it was 0 length.

It seems that curl will not write to the file specified via -o if the content-length is 0.

I worked around this by adding a simple step before I curl.

easy test environments with vagrant and virtualbox

I am probably like most developers. I prefer to code on my own system. This allows me to use my chosen tools and work in a comfortable and efficient space.

Possible differences and deviations from production environments are a downside of this. I have struggled with unearthing strange failures due to differences, such as differing or missing libraries, etc.

chrome flickering under ubuntu and compiz

So, my laptop generally is upgraded. I don't want to take the time to fully re-install and Ubuntu has made that pretty smooth with their 6 month releases.

As of late I've noticed that in chrome on some web pages and expecially those with video I see strange corruption of vidoe flickering at the top. I've also near locked my box up with the new google maps. It didn't happen with firefox and it didn't happen on a couple of other machines I have.

The hardware is nothing outlandish, but that didn't stop me from looking for issues with the driver etc.


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