What's Driving Open Source?

Open Source software has come a long way. The mainstream press has taken notice of some of the more prolific projects and even Microsoft is feeling intimidated by the swarms of coders who are pouring endless amounts of energy and creativity into Open Source software without much or any compensation. Here are some thoughts on what is driving individuals to power this newest force of nature named Open Source.

Open Source COOP

I used to live in Minnesota and not far from where I lived was a COOP, which had probably the best produce and fresh food available in the area. Although it was about a 20 minute drive, my family and I made the trip more than once. It wasn't only the food and groceries that had us going there, though. The atmosphere was a great contributing factor to our journey. The staff at this COOP was mostly young and alternative looking. It was impossible to get the feeling that these people worked at the COOP because of a shared value set.


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