drupal drag and drop blocks in nested sites

I'm running a few drupal based sites within the same account at Green Geeks. The way it works is that one site is the primary at the root and the other sites are located in sub directories below the same root. For some reason I wasn't able to drag and drop the blocks in the Administration->Structure->Blocks section to rearrange the different blocks, but it was working well for the main site. To get it to work I did the following.

screen and the scrolling shell history

I use screen a lot but found that the mouse scroll wheel would scroll the shell history rather than the window. This only happened in screen. Now I just had to remember this and thought I'd share the fix. The issue is in gnome-terminal (or Terminal as it's known in Ubuntu).

Simply right click in the Terminal and select Profiles->Profile Preferences. In the resulting window go to the Scrolling tab and make sure that Use keystrokes to scroll on alternate screen is NOT checked.

apache, mod_authnz_ldap, AD and that other port

I was trying to adjust an AuthLDAPURL to include a user from another part of a tree that lived in AD. As part of that I adjusted the basedn by removing to levels of OU pieces from something like:




I tested this with ldapsearch and everything was working well using a single conditional to return the user name.

When I made the change to my apache config and tried the newly included user

I got a server error and the logs contained:

banshee and sync to creative zen via mtp

Banshee is nice and when I found that it can natively see my Creative Zen:M and sync content I was excited.

Well, it failed. Banshee would just crash without much fanfare after producing a bunch of weird errors like

Argument cannot be null. parameters name:obj

After I found the log in ~/.config/banshee-1/log there was a bunch of stack traces in it.

In the end I found a Launchpad Bug.

ubuntu 11.04 (natty narwhal) and ath9k wireless drops or slowness

I upgrade my ASUS eeepc to the new Ubuntu Natty Narwhal and am still getting used to the new Unity interface. Overall everything seems to be working find, but I had a problem using scp to copy a file from the netbook to another host. The network would just drop after 60+MB copied. ifconfig and the network manager applet (nm-applet) all showed nothing wrong and there was also no sign of trouble in the logs.

google groupchat with empathy

The company I work for is using gmail for email now and so we are also using google talk/chat/IM. One of the things that went missing with that migration was the ability for a comfortable easy access chat room, that we had when we were running our own openfire server.

Google has some notes on doing multiuser chat when using the talk gadget etc, which is described in About group chat. The thing about this is that you have to create it new every time, rather than having a persistent place to go.

ssh-agent through remote host running screen

I spend a lot of time in a terminal. I use a lot of SSH. Sometimes I don't want to close a terminal with a long running process, but I live on a netbook. So I use GNU screen running on servers.

One of the things that has been bugging me is that my local ssh-agent, that allows me to login to the remote server without password prompt only works in screen when I start a fresh terminal, but not when I reconnect to a running screen session. Since I do that a lot, I figured there had to be a way.


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