more on google chrome and tiddlywiki

Turns out my recent post was kind of correct, but not fully. It seems that now you need both of the flags to make everything work. So start chrome with both --enable-file-cookies and --allow-file-access-from-files and it should work.

On Ubunut just fire up the Main Menu editor under System->Preferences to make that easy.

Sadly the upgrade and import for tiddlywiki over the web are still not working and so I switch to firefox for that.

reducing firefox screen footprint on a ubuntu netbook

Although I've switched to Chrome for most of my web browsing, I sometimes still need to fire up Firefox. One of my frustrations with that is that that even when I maximize (i don't use full screen because of some annoyances) Firefox it still wastes a lot of screen real estate on my netbook screen.

I finally figured out a pretty nice way to reduce the screen waste in 3 steps.


    As part of my professional career, I've been responsible for monitoring various servers, devices and services. As part of that I've used Nagios as part of my toolset.

    This page is about gathering some information, tools and ideas about Nagios in an operational setting.

    Migrating Drupal from PostgreSQL to MySQL

    I recently decided to move some websites, including this one, to a hosting provider. For this I chose Green Geeks, because their price is reasonable and they are offsetting their carbon foot print by 300%. As part of that I had to move my Drupal sites from my existing PostgreSQL to MySQL backend. That wasn't as easy as it should have been, so here is a rough shot at what I did.

    openldap and the magic of latin-1 versus unicode in schema

    I just got done upgrading the OpenLDAP instance on my Gentoo system from version 2.3.43 to 2.4.19 only to find it non-functional after following the steps outlined in the warning. Well, here is how I fixed it.

    When I first attempted the upgrade, I was warned that things could break and suggested I follow these steps:

     *  1. /etc/init.d/slurpd stop ; /etc/init.d/slapd stop
     *  2. slapcat -l /root/ldapdump.1258652071.raw
     *  3. egrep -v '^entryCSN:' /ldapdump.1258652071.raw >/root/ldapdump.1258652071


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