Evolution annoyance

I used to be a very stubborn XEmacs user and so my preferred e-mail client was the venerable Gnus news reader. Don’t get me wrong, I still use them, but I decided a while ago to give http://www.ximian.org/products/evolution/Evolution a fair try. I found it to work quite well, but it didn’t have a feature to notify me when new mail arrived!

At any rate, this feature was added recently and it didn’t work for me. So, I returned to the site of it’s origin and noticed that a new version was available, which I downloaded and woo hoo it worked after some frobnicating (read tweaking).

Recently a colleague of mine decided to also try it and ran into the same sound issues. He spent days digging and googling for a solution. Today he came into my office and we started comparing notes. It turns out that new mail notification will only work if the mail account is setup to run Filters on the INBOX!

I guess I only fixed my setup accidentally! confused


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