[ubuntu] udev and the magically inaccessible camera

Well, I’m now running Ubuntu on pretty much all of my systems, including my wife’s. We also have a great camera Canon EOS Digital Rebel. Everything was working just fine until one day, much to my wife’s dismay, I once again started pushing out updates. The we started getting errors when trying to import the pictures from the camera.

Long story short, it was related to permissions being set incorrectly. More specifically, the newly plugged in device did not get it’s group ownership and properties set correctly. What should happen is that the file ends up with rw-rw--- and group ownership of plugdev, which the local users are a member off.

The problem was caused in the /etc/udev/rules.d/45-libgphoto2.rules. Near the top of the file is a line that says:

BUS!="usb*", GOTO="libgphoto2_rules_end"

which has the effect of ignoring everything and jumping to the end of the file. Unfortunately in the middle of the file is where the permissions are set.

To fix it you just have to comment out the above line and add the following:

SUBSYSTEM!="usb_device", GOTO="libgphoto2_rules_end"

For the actual bug see Bug #91250.

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