Vista Home Premium without that premium feeling

So there is a Vista box near me now. I could lament how 1GB of RAM doesn’t go as far as it used to , but really I can live with. Something else about Vista really gnawed at me. When I said the Vista box is near me, I meant that it is near enough that I can easily get to it. That of course doesn’t mean I want to stroll and wander, hike and travel to it, when I need to use it.

On XP i enjoyed remote desktop and performed most of the windows things remotely. Lucky for me, none of the Vista Home editions including Premium allow you to remote desktop to the host.

Couple this with the fact that the new security features made VNC not work well … well .. at all and I was getting more exercise while computing than seems natural (“Hey, I know what I’ll do for a workout. I just need a Vista box!”).

Alas, UVNC managed to get VNC to work as one would expect. Now I can even switch users!

WOO WOO, way to go UVNC!


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