gnome do and banshee

Ever since I found Gnome DO I’ve been using it. I recently also started to use Banshee again. In an ideal world I should be able to control Banshee with Gnome DO, but something was causing it to fail.

Here is what I did to fix it on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.

First I removed the Banshee directory under Gnome DO

rm -rf ${HOME}/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins-

Then I recreated the directory and copied the Gnome DO Banshee DLL and the Banshee Indexer DLL to the directory.

mkdir ${HOME}/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins-
cp /usr/share/gnome-do/plugins/Banshee.dll ${HOME}/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins-
cp /usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll ${HOME}/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins-

That made everything work. I think the problem was that I had an old Banshee.dll and a missing Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll files.

At any rate I'm back up and running.


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