google chrome and tiddlywiki

For those who don’t know, TiddlyWiki is a way to take notes completely in the browser. It’s a single HTML file with a bunch of javascript that make it a rather comfortable way to take notes running in an application I always have running.

After running into some issues with Firefox performance I switched to Chrome and found it very responsive and fast. One little glitch is that at one point it didn’t want to let TiddlyWiki do it’s thing anymore.

This could easily be tracked back to TiddlyWiki’s need for storing and reading a cookie file from the file system via a file:// call.

So, I found that adding the command line option of --enable-file-cookies did the trick and all was well … until the other day when I updated Chrome. Things broke again.

After some digging I found that the command line option appears to have been removed and a new command line option was necessary. The new option is --allow-file-access-from-files and all was well again.

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