XML editors on Ubuntu

As part of my work life I have to deal with XML content quite frequently. Most of the time I can get by with VI and grep. Sometimes I need something better when the XML gets too complex. So I went looking for some decent XML editors to help make life easier.

Looking in the Ubuntu repositories I found 3 promising choices:

Here is what I found playing with them.

XML-copy-editor is the most useful, since it let’s you search, edit and does a decent job with syntax highlighing. One issue I found was that some lines end up pretty long and wrapping can still leave the XML hard to “read”.

MLview is the “prettiest”, since it provides a very attractive formatting and colorization. Each element ends up on it’s own line. Sadly it doesn’t let you search and when you switch between tabs, you end back at the top when you return. Looking at the website, the documentation does suggest that there is a ‘search’ feature supposed to be under the Edit menu, but not that I can see on my install. Even after finding the Search section in the Preferences and toggling them all on, search doesn’t show up.

Conglomerate didn’t tickle my fancy. It seemed slow to start, stalled during operations and when searching it would show the XML path at the bottom, but not actually jump to it.


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