Tomato Firmware on WRT54GL

I finally got around to installing Tomato on my WRT54GL wireless router. The reason for doing so was based on some performance issues I’ve been having and things I’ve heard and read about different firmware being better than the one that came stock.

I did a little research and found that among the various choices, Tomato seemed to pretty much only garner “thumbs up”. It also had the features I needed: QoS and nice and easy looking graphs.

It’s not often that I’m very pleased with software installs and I expected to have to suffer some pains and reconfigurations. That was not so.

I simply installed the new firmware via the firmware upgrade in the Linksys interface and upon reboot I found that all my settings were still in effect. Whoa!

The only thing I had to setup was the SSH server, which wasn’t part of the Linksys firmware. So I added my SSH keys for access and I was done. It’s been about 12 hours and so far everything is running excellently.


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