banshee and sync to creative zen via mtp

Banshee is nice and when I found that it can natively see my Creative Zen:M and sync content I was excited.

Well, it failed. Banshee would just crash without much fanfare after producing a bunch of weird errors like

Argument cannot be null. parameters name:obj

After I found the log in ~/.config/banshee-1/log there was a bunch of stack traces in it.

In the end I found a Launchpad Bug.

Turns out that when the player is plugged in, it is auto mounted and shows up in Nautilus. All I had to do was unmount the player to give exclusive access to Banshee and now I’m syncing.

I just clicked the little eject icon next to the player in Nautilus and all seems well.

Going to sync my Evo next …

Hope this helps someone.


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