faster keyboard link navigation in chrome

I’m pretty happy with chrome. mostly for speed and the sweet incognito mode that lets me test with a clean environment quickly. It’s been a long time since I switched from firefox, but there is still one thing I was missing: fast link navigation via the keyboard.

In Firefox, you can it the single quote and it starts searching for links with text being entered (The backslash does it for all text).

In chrome I have to use CTRL-F to search within the page and then can use ENTER to jump between the hits. It’s not focused on links, but it’s workable. However to select a link I still had to take my hands of the keyboard …. until now.

As it turns out you can use CTRL-ENTER to open the link once it’s highlighted!!!!!

I went looking for documentation on this on Chrome keyboard shortcuts, but don’t see it documented there.

I feel pretty happy that I came across this. It’s not as sweet as the Firefox’s feature for this, but it does save me having to rock the mouse.


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