Samsung Galaxy S2 wifi shows as connected, but isn’t

I’m the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’m generally quite happy with it. One thing that has been giving me issues is wifi connectivity. The phone tends to connect to wifi just fine and performs well, but I’ve noticed that sometimes (quite frequently acutally) it seems to go out to lunch.

The symptom seems to always be the same. The wifi icon on the phone tells me that it is connected, but attempting to access the network resources fails. It seems that I’m not the only one who has this issue.

Well, I tried a few different wifi fixer apps and have had some success. The best one of those seems to be wifi fixer, but even with that I’ve had some connection issues and under certain conditions it seems to be hard on the battery.

At any rate I’ve done some more testing and found that when the wifi goes out to lunch, I no longer see it as connected to my wireless access point. I also saw some people mention that there is a “power save” setting on the phone that does not seem to be accessible via he normal menus and requires entering a special menu by entering the ServiceMenu code. That however didn’t work for me as that ServiceMenu was not showing anything of value on my phone running Android 4.0.4. Seems that something was changed there.

So I started playing with other service codes I found on on Samsung Galaxy S2 Secret Codes and the one that worked for me was the WLAN MAC Address code.

So here is how I changed the wifi power save setting:

From the phone dialer enter ”*#232338#”

That will pop up a special/hidden menu that looks like this:

Then select the ”Disable PS mode”.

Hit back or home and you should be done.

Since I’ve set this about 5 days ago, I’ve only had one wireless drop and my battery life has not diminished noticably.

I’m not sure if this will help others, but for me I consider it a success.



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