my new to-do app: Swipes

I used to hate to-do list. It did not matter if it was on paper, software, or in my Inbox. Admittedly the Inbox was by far the worst choice, but I have a long standing troublesome relationship with email, which I believe I finally overcame with Mailbox.

At any rate, I’ve tried a lot of the to-do managers out there after realizing how it frees up my brain to simply jot things down on a to-do list. Given that I don’t really like paper, which just accumulates, I really needed a software solution. I’ve tried Trello, Todoist, Remember the Milk, Any.Do, GTasks, and a few others. I then found to-do.txt, which had me happy for some time. Its simplicity of using just a text file was appealing and so was the command line access. It’s very short on bells and whistles, which even prompted me to write a plugin to snooze and schedule future and recurring events. In the end there were just some things that felt awkward to me.

Then I came across Swipes and after a few weeks with it am quite pleased with its features. While the ability to schedule recurring events is a bit limited, I can work around those limitations. What really has me hooked is that it works very similar to Mailbox. I can swipe right to mark a task as done and left to snooze it. I can also tag things, which become Workspaces in Swipes and give me the ability to drill in on a project or a context in GTD terms.

Swipes is simple and clean. You get very effective to-do management without a lot of distracting bells and whistles. If you’re not happy with your current to-do management, you might want to give it a try.

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